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Does yoga work? It seems that every time I see the word yoga these days, it is in an article touting its amazing health benefits. Do you suffer from back pain? Thyroid problems? Diabetes? Asthma? Do you want to lose weight? Stop tossing and turning at night? Or just look and feel younger as you age? You name the health issue; someone is out there trying to cure it in Downward Facing Dog pose.

Recently I read in a prominent yoga magazine (granted, a slightly biased source) that “yoga is all you need for a fit mind and body.” WOW! That’s an amazing claim. Are you stressed out about the politics of healthcare? No need for that – yoga will take care of your healthcare needs, and the stress too!

So what’s the deal? Is yoga really a miracle cure? Well I’m a yoga teacher, so I’m pretty biased also, but I’m giving it a qualified yes. Yoga, practiced regularly, will definitely improve your health. But there is that side effect: you have to practice. It’s not a magic pill – you have to take the poses again and again.

Here’s how it works. By extending your body into deeper ranges (stretching) and holding it there (weight bearing), your body needs to push oxygen into every cell. The overall health impact of providing your cells with extra oxygen is pretty huge – they live on that, so every pose in yoga is a big jolt of youth serum for everyone. Yoga also focuses on deep, controlled breathing; this helps to process all that oxygen more efficiently. Teaching your body to take in and push out as much oxygen as it can in a smooth, controlled way is a great cardiovascular exercise. Granted, most yoga classes won’t give you the feeling you get in a more intense “cardio” workout – there’s not much of that agonizing burn in the chest as you gasp helplessly for breath to worry about in most yoga classes, but running sprints doesn’t oxygenate every cell of your body either. It’s not a good thing / bad thing – they’re just different.

Breathing slowly and deeply is also very relaxing and refreshing mentally and emotionally, and holding your body still in the poses takes concentration. As your practice becomes more habitual, you’ll notice you feel more calm and confident outside of yoga class too, which generally makes you a happier and more successful person, because you don’t mess up as much. You can shrug off everyday irritations, all those little things that sometimes drive you crazy, and you’d be amazed how much this contributes to your overall health.

Yoga takes concentration and focus, so you can let go of the constant mental churn in your head – there is no room in a yoga practice for mentally tiring to-do lists, internal arguments with your mother, best friend, boss or spouse, and all the things you should have said or done to be a “better” person. When you come back from the city all frazzled and stressed, yoga helps you recover. Whenever you take a regular mental break from the pressures of life, you think more clearly all day.

Many people believe you need to be very flexible to do yoga, but flexibility comes from strength, and holding poses builds strength. Everyone gets more flexible with the regular practice of yoga – it is fantastic for easing tension in the back and shoulders.

Yoga poses improve posture by building strength in the spine, belly, and sides. Some people have reported feeling complete relief of back pain after just a few classes, and teachers recommend you try yoga at least 3 times before making a decision. It takes your body a few tries to understand what is happening – like learning to survive a blazing Texas summer.

Moving precisely from one pose to the next with skillful instruction makes yoga one of the safest, low-impact activities you can do, and allows anyone, of any age, and any level of fitness, to find a practice that makes them feel better. A sedentary, aging person and a hardcore marathon runner can both benefit from postures that support and protect the hips.

Yoga breathing, twisting, lengthening and compression poses have a wide range of internal benefits, including improving digestion, stimulating metabolism, and pumping the lymphatic system. Each of these internal benefits help you feel better, lose weight more effectively, and clean the toxins out of your body. Imagine wringing out a dirty dish rag – that’s your body (and your brain) on yoga.

Some styles of yoga are gentle; others are vigorous and powerful, so each will have a slightly different impact on your physical fitness. For faster weight loss or building strength, you might want to choose a so-called “power” yoga style, and if you are recovering from an injury, or just need to unwind, one of the “restorative” styles will be better for you.

Here in Wimberley, we have a vibrant community of professional yoga instructors who are really passionate about helping others in the community experience the benefits of yoga. The Wimberley Yoga instructors come from a wide range of disciplines, from the very powerful fitness styles of yoga, to the deeply relaxing, restorative styles and everything in between. Each one has something to offer, so it’s good to try several different classes to find the one that suits you best. Talk to the teachers and tell them what you expect from yoga, what your fitness goals are, and any injuries you are working through, and they’ll give you the ideal prescription for living a longer, stronger, healthier life: “Take 2 yoga classes and call me in the morning.”


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Wimberley Yoga is a network of local yoga instructors in Wimberley, Texas and the surrounding area. Our goal is to create a more vibrant community of passionate yoga teachers, and to enable and facilitate more opportunity for growth and abundance. Our community of amazing yoga teachers offer 28+ yoga classes a week in Wimberley & nearby Driftwood so you can practice the way you like it, when you like it! Click on the schedule page for all our classes! Most classes range from $10 - 12 for a drop in, with options to purchase multiple class cards and class memberships at a discounted rate.

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